The Shadow of Dread

New Hope
1st session

After finally deciding names, alignment and gender the players sat down to begin their first game of D&D.
The PCs started in an old tavern, which had been around for a long time, after all the description was over, they went and talked to the barkeep, who directed them to the bard. The bard took them into a back room where he told the story of the Hand of Vecna during this the lord of rings theme music was playing, which added to the awesomeness. the PCs went out of the tavern and talked to the nearby guard at the gate, all he said was “i used to be an adventurer like you, then i took an arrow to the knee” and “let me guess? someone stole your sweetroll?” after all joking aside they made their way to the mountain.

after a short journey the made it to the mountain side, where they clambered up and got to the inside of the cave, entering the first romm they fought 3 stone statues, which they suprisingly took a while to take them down
after a short walk they came to the stairs where a goblin came out and screamed at them calling over two cutthroat goblins, after the first round of combat two goblin snipers came from behind, they quickly dispached the force, and interogated the goblin, all he told them was that “the boss found a bit magic wood in the wizardy workshopy, but left it becuase i wern’t hitty enough” after about 2 minuites of crying the goblin slit his own throat, and after that they took their first steps into their first dungeon.

they went a couple of rooms left till they got to the wizards workshop, and they were presented with a riddle, which they were very close but sadly had failed, but at that point we had run out of time, and they had to see the consquences next session.



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